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Lita: Moonsaults
Public post is public.

This community started a few years ago with some girls who love hockey and nursing the broken hearts hockey can give us.

We also love friends who understand sports are important and often take over lives.

So we talk/watch hockey, keep up to date on news and share our teams with each other. We are where rivals can hug it out. Like how one of my long time friends is the biggest Crosby loving Penguins fan.

We talk about life in general. Give each other congrats and a shoulder when life has its ups and downs.

99% of the posts are hockey related in original topic (off season isn't so much of course) but inside the comments it's general off topic shenanigans. You can join in and invade a conversation with your own thoughts and ideas. The only real key is to be kind to one another. It you're annoyed or grumpy, we get it but we try to adult in that situation. Don't take your team being a flop out on the next person!

********YOU don't need an invite to join, just click the button and I'll accept the membership request. ONLY REQUIREMENT is that you don't have a new journal or resemble a spam/sockpuppet account. Sorry if that's asking too much. If you have someone where who can vouch for you or you have me on twitter or some shit, that's cool, just let me know your account so I don't deny it!


Welcome to The Hockey Pool!

We're a place for hockey fans to come and chat about hockey, life, or whatever they want. Here you'll find a friendly, non-hostile atmosphere to make friends in.

(hockey pool not exactly as pictured above)

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